British Literature

Education is not the filling of a pail,         but the lighting of a fire.

~William Butler Yeats

Welcome to British Literature. I am incredibly excited to introduce you to the origins of the language we all share in common. Together we will explore the authors that have shaped the history of the English language and have provided fodder for modern literature and culture.

My hope is that you will find British literature as fascinating as I do, and that this course will indeed light a fire in you to continue learning about and appreciating great works of literature.

We will be covering one thousand years of literature as we study the poetry, drama, and prose of Great Britain. You will see how the  English language has developed and changed, and what was important to the people who were shaping it.

We will do all this in just 19 short weeks. So prepare yourself for a fast and furious ride through the ages of British literature!

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