Kline's Code of Conduct

In order for you to gain the most from class time, here are a few simple rules to consider.


1. Punctuality

     Please be on time to class with the necessary materials and with assignments completed. Punctuality is an integral step in showing respect and that you take your learning seriously, so please make it your top priority. Three late tardies will earn a morning recess detention.

     On a positive note, your class will receive points for every day that everyone is on time to class, so be a community contributor and help earn punctuality points!

2. Respect

     Please show this to your classmates, teachers, school property, and to yourself. In order for learning to commence, all students need to feel safe to ask questions and offer answers. This can only be accomplished in an encouraging environment where individuals are not ridiculed for speaking up.

     Furthermore, please don't deface desks by drawing or writing on them or sticking gum under them.

3. Restroom Use

     You will be issued a bathroom coupon at the beginning of each quarter. Please fill it out and have it initialed by me before leaving the classroom. For each line not used on your coupon, you earn 2 extra credit points! Please don't lose your coupon, as I will not replace it. This is a great way to earn a maximum of 10 extra credit points each quarter.

Also, always take the blue bathroom pass, and don't lose yor coupon!

4. Cell phones

     There may be times when you have permission to use your cell phone during class for academic purposes, but other than these times, your phone should be turned off and stowed in your purse or backpack. Furthermore, charging of phones is not allowed during class time. However, you may avail yourself of my cell phone charging station during recess and lunch.

     If caught on your phone without permission, you will be issued a warning; however, after that I will not hesitate to confiscate any phones that are being used without permission for non-academic purposes.

5. Language

      Please make an effort not to cuss in class. There's a time and place for cussing, and an effectively dropped f-bomb can be a powerful communicating tool. However, English class is not one of these places, so use appropriate language when conversing with your peers in this academic environment.

6. Food and Beverages

     Due to the proliferation insects in this classroom, I request that you refrain from eating in here. Water is the only beverage permitted, but please be sure to wipe up any condensation left on your desk before you leave the classroom.

7. Do Not Throw Things

     This rule is designed to keep all students safe. Being caught throwing any object, including paper wads into the recycling bin, will result in a recess detention.

Mahalo Nui Loa for your kokua


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