Expository Writing




To develop creative thinkers who are intellectually equipped to tackle the world's big issues, as well as contribute positively to both local and global communities.


To enthusiastically offer a quality classroom experience  that inspires students to attend class and grow intellectually and emotionally each day.

Tasks Overview

• Vocabulary Study and Quizzes

• Essay Process and Structure

• Academic Conversation

• Current Event Unit

• Weekly Blog Posts

• Synthesis Essay

• Argument Presentation


• Reading and annotating high-quality texts and identifying both the central meaning and organizational methods

• Writing an effective thesis statement

• Developing essay organization and practicing paragraph development

• Developing Standard English usage and academic conversations through grammar and vocabulary study

• Developing research, presentation, and word processing competency, including personal and peer editing

• Developing individual style and voice in writing based on the 6 Traits of Writing

• Practicing real world writing

Course Requirements & Materials

• One composition notebook

• Writing implements & highlighters

• Positive attitude

Grading Policy

     • Classwork/Participation: 25%

     • Major Projects/Essays: 40%

     • Homework/Quizzes: 25%

     • Final Exam: 10%

Grade Scale

90-100% A

80-89% B

70-79% C

60-69% D

59% and below: F

Extra Credit (5 points per item)

• Paper towels (recycled preferred)

• Tissue box (recycled preferred)

• Binder paper (recycled preferred)

• Pencils/Pens

Semester Breakdown

Quarter 1

• Vocabulary in context

      * Practice sheets and bi-weekly quizzes

• Bi-weekly blog posts

• Close reading/analysis of texts on current event

• Summarizing texts

• Timed writings

• Socratic Seminar

• MLA in text citations and Works Cited instruction

• Synthesis Essay

Quarter 2

• Continued vocabulary study

• Continued blog posts

• Continued timed writing

• Continued summarizing of texts

• Instruction on researching and presenting

• Annotated bibliography

• Presentation on topic of choice

• Final Exam (vocabulary, close reading, timed writing)

Attendance and Participation Policy

    "You can't win if you don't play." Let's apply this adage to your attendance. If you don't come to class, you miss  valuable instruction time, lose participation points, and worst of all, squander the gift of your free education.

     As you may  know, you need four years of Language Arts credits to graduate; therefore, I strongly recommend that you not only attend class regularly, but come with an attitude of reverence and perseverance and with a mind to contribute to the collective learning environment.

      In short, if you accrue more than ten unexcused absences per quarter you risk failing the course, which jeopardizes your ability to graduate with your class.

     *Parents/guardians of chronically absent students will be notified via phone call home and/or email.

Late Work

     There is little reason that you should turn homework in late. Assignments are posted in Google Classroom, as well as on the white board in class. Please obtain a planner and use it!

     Unexcused late assignments will be graded at my convenience, with an automatic 5 points taken off the top. Assignments turned in over a week late are worth half credit maximum, and that's only of they are impeccably completed.


Aloha Parents/Guardians

     Please take a few minutes to look over the information provided on this page, then send me a brief e-mail or text message stating that you have read the syllabus and have reviewed my classroom Code of Conduct. My contact information is located at the bottom of the page  with handy links for my e-mails. This will provide me with a way to contact you, as well as assure me that you are familiar with my expectations for your child. Please specify how you prefer to be contacted (phone, email, etc), as well as the name of your child/children. Your child will earn 20 participation points for your timely reply.

     Mahalo for your kokua, and I look forward to being your child's English teacher!

Mobile: 987-1760

Office Hours: 7:45-8:10 am

                 2:30-3:00 pm