AP Literature & Composition

Open Topic Practice Prompts

Prompt #1: (8/5/14)

A bildungsroman, or coming-of-age novel, recounts the psychological or moral development of its protagonist from youth to maturity, when the character recognizes his or her place in the world. Select a single pivotal moment  in the psychological or moral world of the protagonist of the bildungsroman. Then, write a well-organized essay that analyzes how that single moment shapes the meaning of the work as a whole.

Prompt # 2: (8/22/14)

Choose one of the following:

In many works of fiction, the protagonist experiences simultaneous internal and external conflicts. Often the external ones catalyze the internal ones, which in the end emerge as the most important. In a well-organized essay, show how how this is true in one of the short stories you have read in class.

Choose a character from a short story and write an essay in which you (a) briefly describe the standards of the fictional society in which the character exists and (b) show how the character is affected by and responds to those standards. In your essay do not merely summarize the plot.

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