AP Literature & Composition

Group Presentations: Short Story Analysis


• Read and annotate the short story that your group was assigned and compete the Short Story Analysis Sheet.

• As you read, keep in mind the Elements of Fiction and the Literary Analysis Worksheet you received last week. Remember, I'm looking for the ice under the water. Avoid "tip of the iceberg" plot summary.

• Then, collaborate with your group in making a shared Google presentation. Some suggestions:

• Choose a simple template in Google drive (under presentations) and assign a person to each group of slides.

• Please consult the attached rubric for guidance on how you will be graded and proceed accordingly.

• Click here for some general guidelines on how to create an effective and aesthetically pleasing  presentation.






Information presented in logical, interesting sequence

Information in logical sequence

Difficult to follow presentation-- student jumps around

Cannot understand presentation--no sequence of information

Analysis of Story

Thorough and insightful story analysis.

Makes audience think.

Statement of theme(s) is provided in a well- developed sentence.

Thorough analysis of story. Audience is engaged.

Theme is laid out in an adequate sentence.

Some analysis, but relies heavily on plot summary.

No theme or deeper meaning is discussed.

Barely any analysis. Plot summary is inaccurate. Completely misses the deeper meaning of the text.


Graphics explain and reinforce screen text and presentation.

Perfect amount of words on slide.

Graphics are relevant to screen text and an appropriate amount of words on slide.

Occasionally uses graphics that rarely support text and presentation.

Too many words on slide.

Uses superfluous graphics or no graphics.

Slides are incomplete.

Oral Presentation Elocution/Eye Contact

Maintains eye contact and pronounces all terms precisely. All audience members can hear

Maintains eye contact most of the time and pronounces most words correctly.

Most audience members can hear presentation

Occasionally uses eye contact, mostly reading presentation, and incorrectly pronounces terms. Audience members have difficulty hearing

Reads with no eye contact and incorrectly pronounces terms. Speaks too quietly

Group Effort

Masterful collaboration. Evident that all members of group contributed to all aspects of the assignment.

Good collaborations, most of the members contributed.

Some collaboration. Obviously one person did all the work.

No collaboration. Project is incomplete.


Slides are free of any punctuation, grammar, or spelling errors. Meticulous editing evident.

Slides have a few minor punctuation, grammar, or spelling errors.

Some editing evident.

Slides have several punctuation, grammar, or spelling errors.

Little editing evident.

Many, many errors.

Obviously, no one in the group bothered to edit.

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